Story of a Unique Syrian Refugee – Omar’s Inspiring Story

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Following UoPeople’s decision to offer scholarships to 500 Syrian Refugees, we decided to share one of the many heartbreaking stories of one of our Syrian Refugee students. Omar is 21 years old, and is currently studying toward a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Omar’s story is inspirational, and filled with hope.


After three months studying at Yarmouk University in Damascus, Syria, Omar’s life was uprooted, and he was forced to flee with his family in 2012. He found refuge in Turkey, and was fortunate to find work with a non-governmental organization, with an income to support his mother, father, three brothers, wife and baby. He understood however, that if he wanted to be in a better position with his career, he would need to pursue higher education, and earn a degree.


He found UoPeople by watching President Reshef’s TED Talk and he knew the University would be perfect for him. Hearing UoPeople’s vision, he felt like he was the very person for whom the University was created, with its belief in the right of education and its belief in people just like him.


“UoPeople allows me to fulfill my dreams of higher education, with the added advantage that I can pursue it conveniently and flexibly alongside work and family demands”. Moreover, it is an accredited American institution, so wherever my future takes me, my degree will be internationally recognized. I feel like I’m a global citizen, thanks to UoPeople, and I am proud to be part of this community of open hearts and minds.


In President Shai Reshef’s words, “The hardships that people like me have experienced cannot be reversed; through education, however, our futures can be transformed.”


If you, or anyone you know is in touch with any Syrian Refugees, please let them know about The University of the People Scholarship For Syrian Refugees. To find out more, click here.