Gov. Rick Perry: Significantly Less Than $10,000 Is Possible Today

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Last Thursday, Texan Governor Rick Perry declared in his State of the State address, that he is challenging higher education institutions to bring down the cost of education. “Today, I’m challenging our institutions of higher education to develop bachelor’s degrees that cost no more than $10,000, including textbooks,” exclaimed Perry in his address.

While I applaud Gov. Perry’s progressive challenge, my response back is that not only is it possible, we are actually doing it (University of the People). Higher educational institutions can and should cost even less than $10,000. University of the People has accepted students from 110 different countries to receive tuition-free education. UoPeople was founded on the belief that higher education should be a right for many, and not a privilege for a few. Making higher education affordable in delivery is possible today with the advent of increasing internet adoption, social networking tools, dropping technology costs, and open education resources. By incorporating these elements, it is possible to deliver higher education, and remain sustainable, at dramatically lower cost.

Ten thousand dollars is not a goal; it is a beginning. Let’s challenge the cost of higher education to drop less, significantly less than $10,000 for Texan, as well as other, institutions.

We would be more than willing to show Governor Rick Perry how to do it. We are here to join forces to help students attain affordable higher education anywhere and everywhere in the globe.