Cheap Universities in USA for International Students


There are many options for international students wanting to study in the USA. There are many cheap universities in the USA for international students to choose from.

There are many options for international students wanting to study in the USA. There are many cheap universities in the USA for international students to choose from. When choosing a cheap university, it is important to check that it is accredited, has the programs that you are interested in, has a suitable cost of living, and if it offers any financial aid for international students. The net tuition for the following schools was found by subtracting any financial aid that is available from publicly published tuition.



The Need for Cheap Universities in the USA for International Students

Many students are looking to travel to the United States for university, but it can be costly between tuition, living expenses and travel to and from the United States. Cheap universities provide students that option. These schools provide international students that opportunity to get an American education for a fraction of the cost, sometimes without even having to travel to the United States. Online education has made it possible for international students to reduce the cost of getting a degree from the United States by being able to stay in their home country, maybe even continue to work and earn their degree through online classes.



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What to Look for When Choosing a Cheap University

There is so much to look for when choosing a cheap university in the USA for international students. Students should take a look at the cost of tuition as well as different fees that the different schools have such as technology fees. Maybe even try to find a tuition-free option like University of the People, which only has assessment fees from $100 per course and a one time $60 application fee. There are also many scholarships available, and the mission of the university is to not turn away any student due to financial difficulties they may have.


Besides costs, it’s important to make sure that the school has the degree program you are interested in. Have an idea of what degree you would like to earn prior to looking in order to make a good choice in school. If the school does not have the degree you want, then keep looking until you find the one that does.


Take into account online and traditional schools. Do you want flexibility in your schedule and learn on your own time in your own country or would you want to attend class at a certain time each week in a new city? Do you want to have to live where your university is, potentially having to move to a new city or would you rather stay put and study from anywhere in the world with online courses?


There are also scholarships to consider when searching for universities. Many universities have scholarships available for international students.



What are the Expenses?

You might be wondering what are all the expenses that will occur over the years. Things to keep in mind is that you will have to pay for various things like applications for each university you choose to apply to and testing fees for the TOEFL, SAT or GRE on top of your tuition once you’ve been accepted.


Most colleges require you to have some sort of health insurance, which oftentimes can be acquired through the university you choose to attend as an added fee. Books can be costly as well, think about looking for used books, those are usually much cheaper and are just as good as a brand new textbook. There might even be some notes in the margins that will help you out throughout your studies.


In addition to that, there is travel to and from the states, at the start and end of your degree and school breaks, to factor in and your general cost of living. You cost of living will change depend whether or not you live on campus or off campus. Most likely you will have a cell phone that you use on a daily basis and need daily transportation as well to get around the city and to and from classes. These are all expenses to keep in mind when looking into universities in the USA.



Cheap Universities in USA for International Students

There are many options for cheap universities. Here is a list of a few of them.



1. California State University Dominguez Hills

  • Annual cost: $6,937
    • This is the cost for in-state full-time tuition. There are extra fees for international and out-of-state students as well. Out-of-state students will pay an extra $396 per unit and international students will pay the same thing.
  • Scholarships Available
  • Carson, CA
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 12,584
  • Many degrees offered
    • Some of the degrees offered include B.A. Communications, B.S. Computer Science, B.S. Health Science, and B.S. Nursing among many others.


2. University of the People

  • University of the People is an online, tuition-free, US accredited university. The only costs required are for the application and course assessment fees that do not have to be paid until the end of each completed course.
  • Annual Cost: $1,015
  • Scholarships Available
  • Degrees offered
    • University of the People offers associate and bachelor’s degrees in Health Science, Computer Science and Business Administration as well as an MBA and a Master of Education.


3. Cal State University

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Annual cost: $6,639
  • Scholarships available
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 24,059
  • Many degrees offered
    • Cal State University offers degrees in Nursing, Business Administration and Social Work to name a few.


4. Lehman College City University of NY


5. City College of NY



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When it comes to choosing a cheap university for international students in the USA there are many factors to consider. The cost of tuition, online vs traditional, and degrees offered are just some of the factors to take into consideration. The above universities are only a few of the many universities out there for international students that are affordable and cheap. Do your research to ensure that the school is a right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the university and ask any questions you have to clarify and fully understand the process for international students.




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