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Genetics and COVID-19

Dr. Dalton Conley, Dean of Health Science

  Why do people's immune systems and bodies respond differently to the novel coronavirus? Even with the same viral dose, people experience differences in severity and symptoms. Scientists are beginning to unravel the complex genetic risks that mediate COVID-19 severity. This research gives us clues as to why some people have symptoms that persist months...

COVID-19 Around the World: Why Do Different Countries have Different Outcomes?

Dr. Dalton Conley, Dean of Health Science

  We’ve watched the horror story unfold around the world. Dead and dying in Italy. Infected and suffering people in Spain. We’ve seen images of COVID-19 patients lining the hallways in New York City hospitals at the peak of the pandemic.     However, despite those images, the truth is that COVID-19’s impact varies dramatically from…

Challenges to COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

Dr. Dalton Conley, Dean of Health Science

  The world has been living with COVID-19 for the past year, although for many it may feel like the virus has been plaguing the globe for much longer. Multiple vaccines are already being administered around the world, with more likely on the way later this year.   Yet, challenges remain concerning the vaccine distribution….