Computer Science Leadership Blog

Creating Fair and Unbiased Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Alexander Tuzhilin, Dean of Computer Science

  Ample research has shown that humans are biased in many ways, from confirmation bias to gender bias and anchoring bias. Bias of any sort can be problematic, even when people don’t believe they fall prey to this way of thinking. Understanding and acknowledging various types of biases can help to root them out of…

Computer Science Innovation and COVID-19: Emerging Solutions

Dr. Alexander Tuzhilin, Dean of Computer Science

At every level, COVID-19 has had a profound impact on government, education, our ability to earn a living, and, of course, upon human health and wellness. Further, between bombast and misinformation, it’s easy to overlook the significant innovation of data and computer scientists in combatting the novel coronavirus.   The truth is that innovation abounds,…