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The Future of Higher Education is Online—Let’s Do it Right

2020 has changed the face of higher education. Around the world, schools have closed their campuses and are switching to online learning during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, simply moving courses to a video platform will not produce engaged, successful students.   Take the lessons learned from the failures of the Massive Open Online Courses, or…

Creating Fair and Unbiased Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Alexander Tuzhilin, Dean of Computer Science

  Ample research has shown that humans are biased in many ways, from confirmation bias to gender bias and anchoring bias. Bias of any sort can be problematic, even when people don’t believe they fall prey to this way of thinking. Understanding and acknowledging various types of biases can help to root them out of…

Computer Science Innovation and COVID-19: Emerging Solutions

Dr. Alexander Tuzhilin, Dean of Computer Science

At every level, COVID-19 has had a profound impact on government, education, our ability to earn a living, and, of course, upon human health and wellness. Further, between bombast and misinformation, it’s easy to overlook the significant innovation of data and computer scientists in combatting the novel coronavirus.   The truth is that innovation abounds,…

COVID-19 Around the World: Why Do Different Countries have Different Outcomes?

Dr. Dalton Conley, Dean of Health Science

  We’ve watched the horror story unfold around the world. Dead and dying in Italy. Infected and suffering people in Spain. We’ve seen images of COVID-19 patients lining the hallways in New York City hospitals at the peak of the pandemic.     However, despite those images, the truth is that COVID-19’s impact varies dramatically from…

The New Employment Paradigm: Understanding the Present and Future of Remote Work

Dr. Russell Winer, Dean of Business Administration

  The global workplace has changed quite dramatically this year. At the beginning of 2020, in-office work was the indisputable norm. Remote work was a growing trend with lots of promise, but little more. Today, remote working is a way of life for a vast number of employees worldwide. In-office work, face-to-face interaction, the traditional…

Closing the Teacher Diversity Gap

Conrad Hughes, Education Advisory Board member

  This article argues for teacher diversity, explaining why and how it is so important. Teaching is an extremely complex profession. On the one hand, there is the mastery of the content being taught that is necessary for teachers to earn the respect and learning of their students. You simply cannot teach something you do…

Challenges to COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

Dr. Dalton Conley, Dean of Health Science

  The world has been living with COVID-19 for the past year, although for many it may feel like the virus has been plaguing the globe for much longer. Multiple vaccines are already being administered around the world, with more likely on the way later this year.   Yet, challenges remain concerning the vaccine distribution….

Online Sales Save What Many Thought Would Be a Slow Holiday Season

Dr. Russell Winer, Dean of Business Administration

  The 2020 holiday season has concluded, and given the reality of a deadly pandemic the likes of which haven’t been seen in a century, there were significant changes to how consumers shopped. Because of the coronavirus, people shopped online more in 2020 than at any time in the past.   The trend of online…

On the Importance of Teacher Diversity: What the Research Says

Conrad Hughes, Education Advisory Board member

  Further to my blog on closing the teacher diversity gap, it is worth looking at what some of the research on the question of teacher diversity says. Most of the research comes from the United States, since studies on diversity tend to be more developed in Northern America (and the United Kingdom) than elsewhere,…