Carlos Ceballos

Student of Business Administration

Department Manager at Luke Stockley
Family Status:
Outside Interest:
Playing soccer or working out, traveling, business development

A little bit about myself:

I consider myself someone proactive, thus my motivation is at a 100%. I am an active student who engages in sports, business, and social life on a day-to-day basis. I am focused on improving, and thus reading is a key activity for me. I am currently living in London, but I find myself in a transitional period in which I only want to grow, earn experience, and of course, accomplish my goals. With this said, three words that I would define me are: proactive, unique, development. These three words I think are key to have a picture of who I really am, as I am focusing on developing relationships with assets in the industry, and developing business for potential ventures. Similarly, being proactive is key to success in any aspect of the world, and thus I engage in physical activity (working out, or playing soccer), university, business, and social life. The other word; unique is because we need to differentiate from others in order to make an impact and not just be ”another individual more”. Thus, I try to make an impact in my community and surrounding with everything I do.


Languages: English, Spanish, Italian