Tips for Sending your Documents to the Office of Admissions


  • If possible, include your Applicant ID or Student ID, preferably on the envelope
  • If possible, include your full name as it appears in your application or student record in clear writing
  • If you are sending documents for more than one applicant or student, include all relevant Applicant IDs or Student IDs
  • Send your documents as single standard-size sheets (8×10 or legal size paper) that are completely unbound by any means
  • Send only the required documentation; no additional documents are needed
  • Make sure your document is of good quality and readable
  • If your documents are not in English, make sure you send them with clear, official translations

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid including any staples, paper clips, grommets, or ribbons
  • Avoid using multiple envelopes or protecting sleeve envelopes
  • Avoid sending the same documents multiple times (in the same envelope or in separate mailings)
  • Avoid sending oversized documents
  • Avoid sending documents with lamination or on heavy-stock paper
  • Avoid sending your original diploma mounted on cardstock or framed