Ntumba T.

Graduate of Business Administration

Counterpart Supply Chain Manager (volunteer) at International Rescue Committee
Family Status:
Married +1
Outside Interest:

A little bit about myself:

I come from the Democratic Republic of Congo, currently living in Kenya under the humanitarian circumstance. I live with my beautiful wife and kid. I have a diploma in Electrical Engineering and in Information Communication Technology. I have an associate degree of Arts in Liberal Studies from Regis University and currently enrolled in the associate degree program of Business Administration at University of the People.

I’m a full-time volunteer at the Internation Rescue Committee as Supply Chain Counterpart Manager (not permitted to work in Kenya). I also volunteer on weekend at Geneva University/InZone as IT.

I’m a refugee facing all limits that are constrained to all refugees. I’ve lost everything I had, however, my only hope lied on skills and knowledge that I’d achieve. One time this all turned into an endless road without any light of hope. Without citizenship, I had no hope for living a better life. However, I came to understand that with new technology, there is new hope and opportunities that were not available to refugees before. I’m currently working to make some changes that I believe will mark a revolutionary time in the life of many refugees like me. I’m eager to spread the word “University of the People – Tuition-Free University” to reach out to more marginalized populations.

Languages: French, English, Kiswahili, Lingala