Muhammad A.

Graduate of Business Administration

Freelance Writer and Editor at an Online Portal
Family Status:
Outside Interest:
Swimming, Reading and Listening to Music

A little bit about myself:

It is such a great privilege for me to be a part of UoPeople’s life-changing, diversely inspiring and richly global experience, which opened whole new avenues of personal and professional development. Being a second-year student pursuing an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and seeing how the whole UoPeople experience has totally transformed my life is such a humbling and intellectually rewarding experience.


The knowledge, educational diversity, program support, academic depth and cross-interdisciplinary learning which I received was just a dream before I discovered UoPeople. I am honored to be admitted into this life-transforming institution.


UoPeople’s vision to democratize higher education for the global citizen and reach every qualified student irrespective of any social, economic and national barriers reinforces the hope and belief that no matter how huge the challenges are; if one is determined, there are no limits to how far one can go in achieving one’s life endeavors through education. UoPeople’s visionary platform is an ideal opportunity for all those who cannot afford the enormous costs of brick and mortar universities; who consider that it might be too late for them, or who want to pursue quality higher education along with their full-time jobs. UoPeople’s stature as a global leader in online higher education par excellence inspires us all to dream big and change the world for the better through the power of education.