Lois H.

Graduate of Business Administration

United States
Quality Calibration Technician Land O'Lakes
Family Status:
Married +2
Outside Interest:
Cooking, Baking, Sewing, Travel, Teenagers, History

A little bit about myself:

I’m 49 years old, and my goal is to finish my Bachelor degree by my 50th birthday in August 2020. I will have to go to school full-time and work full-time for over a year. I feel like I deserve to earn my degree, and I can’t imagine turning back when I can earn my degree so reasonably. Taking classes online saves a lot of time compared to the days when I had to go to a campus to earn college credits.
I can work hard on school work because my husband works around the house and makes meals for our teenagers. We have a lot of excitement in our house with both teenagers working, in High School clubs, and my son learning driving and getting his passport for his trip to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. I’ve put off a lot of interests I had when I was young to raise teenagers, hold a job at Land O’Lakes and earn my Bachelor Degree in Business Management. I also plan to apply for a Master Degree program as soon as I can.


Languages: English, Spanish