Kolawole Oshiyemi

Student of Business Administration

Marketing Officer at Portal Realties Limited
Family Status:
Outside Interest:
Traveling, writing and Reading

A little bit about myself:

I am from Nigeria and grew up in the city of Lagos. I am from a family of four. I studied and graduated from UoPeople with a BSc in Business Administration. I have worked in the IT sector, and have worked as a Marketing Executive.

I did my Internship with BAV consulting and I presently work with UoPeople as a Program Advisor. I have worked previously at MTN Nigeria, Portal Realties LTD, Synchrosoft, Kashorel Nig. LTD, Contracts & Consulting and GoldPoint. 

I manage a budding consulting firm which aims to support/assist new or budding businesses and entrepreneurs. 

I have practiced real estate marketing for some years in the past. I love support and service oriented businesses and I am a social sector innovator.

I am happy to be part of the great work UoPeople is doing. I am happy to see students achieve their academic goal. UoPeople provides a leveled playing field for all. UoPeople is constantly growing and evolving, I have no doubts it would continue in its giant strides.

English, Yoruba