John B.

Student of Business Administration

Primary Teacher for Malawi Government
Family Status:
Outside Interest:
Watching soccer

A little bit about myself:

I am from a small and remote village in Malawi, the southern part of Africa. Currently, I am working as a primary school teacher. It has been my dream to attain high education but this failed due to financial problems. But now, thanks to Uopeople and a UK based organization working in our village, I got a scholarship, and my dream is about to come true.

A degree in Business Administration will help me in running my business. Additionally, it will help me get better jobs and work more effectively. In short, UoPeople has brightened up my future.

I am very excited about participating in this project. It is in my best interest to help others learn and become aware about UoPeople, so they can also have the chance to seek  higher education.

Languages: English, Malawi local languages