Fon Achu

Student of Computer Science

Deputy Dean of Studies at Flexcom Institute
Family Status:
Married +1
Outside Interest:
Traveling and meeting new people, fun at the beach.

A little bit about myself:

Studying at University of the People is actually a dream come true. I may not be perfect but am always me, that is why I love to study and enjoy seeing myself through higher education; but after high school, my mum could not afford my studies and it was unfortunate that I lost my dad while in primary school, so there was virtually no means for me to realized my dreams of going to higher education. At this juncture, God connected me with UoPeople through a friend, and UoPeople was not just any higher institution but the type I have always wanted (that is, with all the qualities and standard of any recommended higher institution you can think of).


The last one year has been great. I learned many concepts which were previously unknown to me. Everyone should pursue this unbelievable opportunity.


Languages: English