Daniel C.

Student of Computer Science

Family Status:
Outside Interest:
Playing guitar and piano, working on graphic design posts, and watching European football

A little bit about myself:

To be honest, education and communication has always been an integral part of my life. Either as a training facilitator, instructional designer, a creative writer or even now, as a CS student. Ideally, we should never stop learning, regardless of our professional title, age or background.


Even if I’m not married yet, I try and keep my family first with all my decisions. Particularly, my younger brother. Prefer keeping a low profile even if I’m an ambivert. This is because I prefer to keep the company of a few good friends who are dependable in tough times as opposed to a wide circle of acquaintances that aren’t.


UoPeople has taught me valuable lessons of discipline, pragmatism and staying self-motivated in very trying times. Both professionally and personally speaking. So, I am very grateful for the assistance. Would be very glad to inspire other people to change their lives in the same way as well at every given opportunity. For the time I’m studying here and for many years later.


I will always be around supporting the university in one sense or the other. That’s a promise! It means a lot to me to log in to the portal each week and get a second chance to earn a decent education in my forties! Better late than never!


Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali and Kannada