Abdullah Makhdum

Student of Business Administration

Project Admin Officer at CARE International in Afghanistan
Family Status:
Married +1
Outside Interest:
a. Meeting new people around the world, skateboarding, traveling, exchanging ideas and helping others

A little bit about myself:

UoPeople is a perfect choice and the best alternative for me – providing time flexibility, granting scholarships, studying with students from diverse backgrounds, and providing a golden chance to pursue my higher education. Fortunately, I have been proudly admitted to the Business Administration program at UoPeople, as the University opens the gates to higher education for qualified students around the world. Ultimately, I believe UoPeople is an all-inclusive, world-class university where students of great potential around the globe will never be left behind due to constraints, especially financial reasons.


UoPeople is my only hope for a better future and achieving my dreams!


Languages: English, Persian, Pashto, Turkmen, Uzbek, Urdu, and Turkish.