Pascaline Servan-Schreiber

Senior Business Development Executive

Ms. Pascaline Servan-Schreiber acts as the Senior Business Development Executive, helping UoPeople offer its educational services to new populations, including refugees, as well as engage in meaningful partnerships.

Pascaline has more than thirty years of experience as a senior business development executive in media, publishing, technology and internet startups, including Apple Computer. She recently produced the award-winning documentary film THE C WORD, about the importance of lifestyle change in cancer prevention and was the driving force behind THE C WORD’s outreach and engagement campaign. She sits on the advisory council of the Women’s Rights Division at Human Rights Watch. She serves on the board of the New York Fund for Public Health, which assists the NYC Health Department with incubating new public health initiatives.

She received her M.B.A. from INSEAD and her degree in Computer Science from Brown University