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Laura Brown of UoP

Laura Brown

Executive Vice President of ITHAK2A

Laura Brown is the Executive Vice President of ITHAKA, and the Managing Director of JSTOR, a digital library where scholars, students, and the public can access thousands of journals, books, images, and other content as well as tools that promote research, teaching, sharing, and contribution.

Laura previously served as the Managing Director of Ithaka S+R where she authored the ITHAKA report University Publishing in A Digital Age, and oversaw work on a number of research programs and consulting projects in higher education. Prior to joining ITHAKA, Laura was the president of Oxford University Press, USA, where she spent most of her professional career.

She has led a variety of publishing divisions, including scholarly, professional, reference, trade, and textbooks operations, and helped Oxford to make the transition to digital publishing. Currently on the boards of Yale University Press Board and The Gordon Parks Foundation, she has served on the boards of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries and The MIT Press.

She holds a bachelor of arts from Goucher College, a master of arts from Johns Hopkins University, and a master of fine arts in painting from Indiana University.

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